Valentine's Day in Iceland

12.02.18 - 19.02.18

About the tour

We want to invite you for the  Valentine's Day celebrating  with an adventurous trip to the edge of the earth! This holiday will be really special: you will see the most romantic landscapes of the island, enjoy champagne on the boundless coast of black beaches, taste refined Icelandic cuisine, hunt for the Northern Lights and relax at the best resort of the world, making this night unforgettable!

And you will know – Iceland is Love!


Day 1 - Hello, island.

Upon arrival, we will  meet at the hotel and go to study Reykjavik, which is gently called the little heart of the world. You can make a short walk along the central streets of the city and get acquainted with the life of locals. Today we will have free time to enjoy the evening life of the capital with its bars, cafes and cozy restaurants for every taste.

Day 2 - Journey to the Center of the Earth.

After a delicious breakfast, we’ll go to the Snæfellsnes peninsula to the Snæfellsjökull national park. The top of its icy volcano on a bright day can be seen even from Reykjavik! According to the legend, Snæfellsjökull is the one of the main "energy centers" of the Earth. Here we will caving to the Vatnshellir Cave , which is almost  8000 years old. The cave is located at a depth of 35 meters to stunning lava formations with amazing colors of the underworld. In addition, if we are lucky, we will see how the seals rest on the rocks of the peninsula. Then we will return to Reykjavik for dinner.

Day 3 - Saint's Day of...Willy.

We will celebrate Valentine's Day brightly from the morning  time, visiting one of the best resorts in the world - the Blue Lagoon. This is a geothermal source with a unique mineral composition and absolutely cosmic landscapes, which you will not see anywhere else in the world: the ideal place for a special event as we think. In the afternoon, after arriving in Reykjavik, we will arrange a short sightseeing tour and join the general celebration at one of the best restaurants in Reykjavik.

Day 4 - The way of the Golden Circle.

Today our incredible adventures along the route begin. Icelanders called it the "Golden Circle". Our first stop is Thingvellir national park. We call it the real treasure of Iceland, because in this place the first parliament was founded. In addition, the place is mesmerized by its natural attractions: a split of tectonic plates, Þingvallavatn  lake and colorful Silfra fissure with the most clear water in the world. Following along the route we will see the "golden" Gullfoss waterfall and the boiling Haukadalur valley. In the evening we will stop at the hotel, from where the most interesting routes of the island will continue.

Day 5 - Incredible southern coast.

This day will be another one incredible adventure. We will go to the most romantic corner of the island on the Atlantic coast. It will be really windy up there, but totally worth it for the views! The black sand beach of Reynisfjara on Iceland’s South Coast is one of the most unique beaches in the world. It’s not a tanning kind of beach. More look than touch, it was created by lava flowing into the ocean which cooled almost instantly as it touched the water. The black sand isn’t the only lava creation on Reynisfjara. Opposite of the sea is an enormous natural pyramid made of basalt columns that looks like a staircase to the sky. You will see those basalt cliffs that rise from the sea. They’re called Reynisdrangar. Legend has it that the Reynisdrangar formations are actually two trolls. One night when they were trying to pull a three-masted ship out of the sea, the sun began to rise. And, as all us fairy tale fans know, trolls caught in daylight are turned to stone, so these two guys got stuck with this craggy rock form for time and eternity.

Day 6 - Icy Land.

Iceland is one of the few countries on earth where you can see the ice with all shades of blue. Today we will go to the Skaftafell national park, where we come close to the  Skaftafellsjökull ancient glacier. Strapping crampons on your feet and hiking onto the glacier is a truly unique opportunity to discover all the hidden natural treasures. Combination of expansive views, jagged peaks, cool blue glaciers and wide-open sky provide a steady stream of amazing photographic opportunities. The next point on the way will be the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon wich is a large glacial lake in southeast Iceland. It is one of Iceland's most popular tourist attraction, and not without reason. The lagoon is one of a handful of places where you can get near a glacier without entering the wilderness or the Icelandic highland. Lón means a lagoon and Jökulsárlón is usually full of icebergs breaking away from the large glacier tongue Breiðarmerkurjökull, which is part of the glacier Vatnajökull, the largest ice cap in Europe. Our evening we will spend at the hotel, having a delicious dinner.

Day 7 – Waterfalls of island.

Today it will be a long journey back to the capital, but we we’ll not notice the distance, because no trip along Iceland’s southern coast is complete without stopping at at least one of the stunning waterfalls that can be found right off the side of the road. Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss are two of the most popular falls in all of Iceland. They’re beautiful examples of the beauty and the power of the natural sites in Iceland. Skogafoss,  this gorgeous waterfall is definitely impressive. At over 80 feet wide and with an almost 200 foot drop, this waterfall is quite large! The cliffs surrounding the waterfall is where the sea used to be. Skóga River flowed into the ocean here, but now that the sea has receded, it has created this beauty. The flow is so powerful that you start feeling the spray from several yards away! On sunny days, they say that the mist frequently causes rainbows and even double rainbows. Seljalandsfoss waterfall, although not as wide, is actually even taller than Skogafoss. This waterfall can be enjoyed from every angle. The walking trail goes on either side, in front of and behind the falls!

Day 8 – Farewell to Iceland.

Saying goodbye to Iceland is always sad, but we know that you are flying home inspired and full of strength for new experiences!





• Hiking boots, good sturdy boots with sufficient ankle support for walking on rough trails. They should have a robust sole and preferably waterproof.
• Long sleeve top and long johns, thermal underwear made of wool or synthetics, not cotton.
• Warm jacket, fleece, primaloft or similar.
• Rain jacket with a hood, preferable breathable fabric such as Gore tex or similar.
• Rain trousers, preferable breathable fabric such as Gore tex or similar.
• Gloves and mittens, one pair each. Wool or synthetic, waterproof.
• Warm hat and/or balaclava.
• Backpack, 20-30 litres.
• Towel.
• Tooth brush and personal toiletries.
• Water bottle.
• Small personal first aid kit (compeed and tape for blisters).
• Camera, batteries, memory card.
• Swimming suit.


+ pickup
Transfer is not included. Meeting at the hotel.
+ included
  • Entrance fees to the national park.
  • Entrance fees to the Blue Lagoon.
  • Lava caving tour.
  • Glacier walk tour.
  • Transportation.
  • Accommodation.
  • Breakfasts.
  • Lunches.
  • Guided support by Ice Vikings team.
+ accommodation
Hotels and private guesthouses.

Price 179200 ISK

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