Hunting and fishing in Iceland

September - November

Iceland is a world of wild nature. There is only clean air and majestic landscapes, rivers and bays is rich in salmon, trout and other numerous species of fish. In this tour we will open the island through the eyes of a hunter. We will not be afraid to spend days on the high seas and learn some skills of hunting at the highest level. In addition, we will visit the most beautiful corners of the country, the uniqueness of which will be an opening for us. We are on the edge of the Earth and it means that the real adventure is guaranteed!

Day 1

On arrival we’ll meet at the airport in Reykjavik and go to the hotel. The rest of the day will be free for us to explore the lively center with its abundance of attractions, restaurants and bars for every taste. Passing the main streets of the city, we will enjoy a unique color, fantastically embodied in the works of the best street artists of the country. We will also get acquainted with local folklore and gastronomic features of these edges. Icelanders are proud of their traditional cuisine and consider it as a legacy of the ancient Vikings. And we will try everything: from mutton soup and lobster with volcanic bread to the famous hot-dog. We will visit the bar of ice and the legendary "Perlan" with a winter garden, a lookout tower, shops and even a geyser. And in the evening the city is transformed, lighting up with hundreds of lights – then we will get acquainted with modern Reykjavik.

Day 2-3

Iceland is considered the best place for fishing lovers. Therefore, our main goal for the next two days is a catch! Sea catch here will impress anyone, even the most experienced fisherman, and the purity of the air, the transparency of the water, the smell of the ocean, the natural sounds will fill up everything that we don’t have in the city life. The ocean is replete with cod, mackerel, sea bass and, of course, halibut. It is possible to catch a striped wolffish up to 1.2-1.4 m long and weighing up to 25 kg! A cod, weighing 30 kg is not uncommon in here. We will have a boat with a powerful motor and all necessary equipment for comfortable fishing. All the fish we can cook on the ship or send it to a restaurant. Get freshest fish is for real gourmets! In the evening we will gather for dinner in one of the best restaurants in the city to celebrate our victory, because this adventure needed considerable strength and skills – so we did it!

Day 4-5

Iceland is a country of hunters and it has an adage as "for a good hunter all the mountains is not enough". Truly saying, because the rich fauna allows you to hunt here all year round. Therefore, we will go for trophies to one fo the best land in the island. Every amateur knows that geese hunting is not so simple – it's a workmanship that can’t be trained in one day. Much attention is paid to disguise, distance, time shots and the choice of weapons. An experienced guide will teach us this knowledge. If we want to relax and have a lunch, comfortable hunting lodges will be waiting for us with all the amenities. And on the way back we can admire volcanic landscapes with numerous tiny lakes, rivers and waterfalls that will make these days unforgettable.

Day 6

Let's start our "Golden circle"! We will visit the Thingvellir National Park, a rift valley where we can observe a unique phenomenon: the break of the tectonic North American and Eurasian plates. In the same place we will see "Althing", the oldest parliament of the country where Vikings made decisions to unite in peace, and since then as it believed the race of Icelanders began. Along the way we will admire an active geyser that releases a powerful stream of water from the depths of the earth every few minutes and attracts thousands of tourists every year. We will visit the majestic "golden" Gullfoss waterfall with its double rainbows in streams of water and the ancient Kerid lake located directly in the crater of the asleep volcano. This day will definitely be full of impressions. We will see the real Iceland, so majestic and eternal!

Day 7

Today we will head towards the southern coast to see the beauty of Seljalandsfoss waterfall. Also we’ll see Skogafoss waterfall, falling from a height of sixty meters. It is surrounded by green landscapes and an unchanging rainbow, born out of splashes and sun rays. We’ll make a stop near the village of Vik, admire the black volcanic beach. Natural arches and turrets were formed here due to the painstaking work of the sea and wind for thousands of years. So, in this place, standing on the precipice of the vast land, we say goodbye to Iceland. But we will definitely return again to unravel all its secrets.

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